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Samatic Requirements

The requirements as shown below will run a smooth functional version of Samatic please make sure your server requirements meet the following!

  • PHP 5+
  • MySQL

Installing Samatic

Before running Samatic we need to install the components required, please follow the instructions below for a successfull installation.

  • Your server matches the requirements mentioned above
  • Download & Upload the latest version of Samatic. Download Here
    Once you have downloaded Samatic, you'll have to upload that ZIP file to your server, once it is on your server extract the ZIP file to show the inside files!
  • Create a MySQL Database.
  • Now we need to run the installer!
    Navigate your browser to adding the install.php parameter.
  • You'll be prompt with a screen, all you need to do is fill out the correct database settings from which you created earlier; along with admin login credentials!
  • Once you have successfully installed Samatic please make sure to remove the install.php file from your server!